Educational Games Developer

Object Oriented Javascript/HTML5 Canvas Programmer.
For the last 4 years I have primarily been working as a freelance developer for Purple Mash, producing a wide range of interactive educational games, challenges and learning tools, these include: 2Create a Story, 2Logo Challenges, 2Connect, 2Quiz etc.
Prior to this I delivered the extensive Maths and Computing Projects for New Era Education, used widely in primary schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Platform.
Lead programmer on the project for 18 months, the choice of technologies (OO javascript, canvas, jQuery) was made to ensure maximum compatibility: cross browser, multi platform (PC, Mac, iPad, Android).
My other programming skills include: EaselJS, jQuery, Backbone, Require, Css3, HTML 5, TweenLite, Action Script 3.0, Google maps, Facebook api, XML, XSLT, PHP, ASP, WordPress, Drupal, SCORM

Weighing Scales
A working demonstration of one of the Teaching Tools.

Purple Mash
Purple Mash
2Logo Challenges, 2Create a Story, 2Connect etc
further information on the games and tools created for Purple Mash

Computing Project
Extensive Key Stage 2 Computing Tool to aid teachers in delivering the objectives of the new primary school computing curriculum.

Maths Project
Maths Project
A range of tools and pupil activities teaching Maths in an innovative way.

Curriculum Vitae

Video example of 2Create a Story

Video of the Sheep Abacus Teaching Tool

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