Computing – Year 3

Computing Year 3
This year heralds the beginning of the Key Stage 2 programming, hence it is primarily an introduction to the code editor. The main ‘world’ is an outer space environment, where pupils can program movement commands, paint commands or partake in puzzles, such as collecting stars or following specified paths. The main headings are ‘Lift Off’, ‘Understanding Controls’, ‘Properties & Sequences’, ‘Patterns & Repetition’

Developed for the Newera Education Computing Project, used extensively in Primary Schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Learning Platform.

Programmed in Canvas and Object Oriented Javascript
I developed the concept, wrote all the code and implemented the art direction.
The ‘Code Editor’ is common across all Key Stage 2 tools and enables pupils to code by dragging coloured programming blocks into a coding area, certain aspects of it are similar to Scratch.

Lift Off

Activity to consolidate understanding of algorithms and to develop understanding of sequencing in computer programming, where pupils use code blocks to link commands for movement and reach a destination and avoid a variety of obstacles using movement and rotational command.

If you wish to view a working version of this tool I am happy to demonstrate

Pattern & Repetition

An open-ended activity to consolidate understanding of sequencing and repetition, where pupils set commands to move objects on the screen, using repetition to design and then follow routes involving right-angle rotation and collection of stars, further extending the concept of changeable properties and variables.

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