Computing – Year 4

Computing Year 4
In year 4 activities are introduced to consolidate understanding of sequences, properties, inputs and outputs.
Text formatting is introduced through the pupils coding a conversation between Chip and Digit.

Developed for the Newera Education Maths Project, used extensively in Primary Schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Learning Platform.

Programmed in Canvas and Object Oriented Javascript
I developed the concept, wrote all the code and implemented the art direction.
The ‘Code Editor’ is common across all Key Stage 2 tools and enables pupils to code by dragging coloured programming blocks into a coding area, certain aspects of it are similar to Scratch.

Animal Chat
An open activity where pupils are asked to enter their own text and continue a conversation using the New Block command. Pupils will also make use of clear commands to make text disappear, user click events to initiate conversations and have access to further text editing options.

If you wish to view a working version of this tool I am happy to demonstrate

Advanced Repetition
Activity to further develop understanding of sequencing and repetition in computer programming, where pupils use commands to move objects on the screen and follow instructions to debug incorrect code and correctly draw a specified pattern using repeat recursion, extending the concept of changeable properties and variables.

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