Computing – Year 5

Computing Year 5
Year 5 Introduces the key concepts of both variables and conditional statements (‘If Then Else’), whereby different blocks of code execute depending on the result of a test.

Developed for the Newera Education Maths Project, used extensively in Primary Schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Learning Platform.

Programmed in Canvas and Object Oriented Javascript
I developed the concept, wrote all the code and implemented the art direction.
The ‘Code Editor’ is common across all Key Stage 2 tools and enables pupils to code by dragging coloured programming blocks into a coding area, certain aspects of it are similar to Scratch.

A more open activity to consolidate understanding of variables. Pupils add and adjust an end of race message and end of lap message and counter by using an ‘If…Else’ conditional command. They can now also choose the car sprites and colours. All other variables can also be adjusted.

If you wish to view a working version of this tool I am happy to demonstrate

Quizzical Quiz

Activity to consolidate understanding of conditionals, selection and variables, where pupils are required to explore all the existing code and program a third question and end message. Pupils need to carefully consider what each part of existing code is doing, and try adding a fourth question. The last section of the Continual loop event uses the score variable to display the score.

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