Computing – Year 6

Computing Year 6
Year 6 consolidates the principles taught in the previous years. There are open ended versions of many of the ‘worlds’, the emphasis is on pupil creativity and for them to share their games with fellow pupils.

Developed for the Newera Education Maths Project, used extensively in Primary Schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Learning Platform.

Programmed in Canvas and Object Oriented Javascript
I developed the concept, wrote all the code and implemented the art direction.


A consolidation of movement & sequence programming. The Big Bear constellation is now complete. Pupils will use the Motion commands, setting exact movement and rotation properties in order to move the spaceship from the Great Bear constellation towards the Pole Star to join up the stars in the Little Bear constellation (Ursa Minor).

If you wish to view a working version of this tool I am happy to demonstrate

Ace Race
A demonstration activity to consolidate and extend understanding of variables and conditional selection, using ‘If…Else’ conditional commands and a variety of changeable properties and event handlers, allowing teacher and pupil to evaluate and visualise all available changeable properties, events, conditionals and variables successfully.

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