Purple Mash

A broad range of games, tools and challenges built for Purple Mash, 2Simple over the last 4 years.
These include 2Logo, 2Create a Story, 2Investigate, 2Question, 2Connect, 2Quiz
The majority of these were coded in EaselJS a canvas framework, others were DOM based, all incorporated jQuery, Backbone, and Require elements and were fully integrated with the tracking, widgets and other elements of the 2Simple Platform.
They were all fun to work on!

Purple Mash2Logo/2Logo Challenges

Initially we built 2Logo, a tool to help pupils learn a simple programming language, whereby they control a ‘turtle’.
Learning about the many commands which can be used in order to explore shapes, programming and algorithms.

Purple Mash
Subsequently we developed a range of 2Logo Challenges.
Games that test the programming skills of the pupils, these included navigating mazes, with live collisions!
Creating Viking Runes, solving an Enigma machine puzzle, else fixing the tessellated patterns of the tiles on the Taj Mahal

Purple Mash2Investigate

Create databases and share these with other Purple Mash users.
Pupils can design the database structure, add individual records/cards, then automatically group and sort them.
Pre-existing sample databases included Planets, Minibeasts, Instruments, Fruit and Aliens.

Purple Mash2Create a Story

Children aged 3-7 can combine words, pictures, sounds and animation to create engaging stories in minutes.

Purple Mash2Connect

A concept mapping and planning tool, a simple way to put ideas on a page!

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