Teaching Tools demonstrating data collection using simple tables (including tally) and representing data in the form of pictograms, block graphs, bar charts, line graphs and pie charts.

Developed for the Newera Education Maths Project, used extensively in Primary Schools within the Learning Library on the DB Primary Learning Platform.

Pictograms & Block Graphs

Programmed in Canvas and Object Oriented Javascript, with some supporting jQuery.
I developed the concept, wrote all the code and implemented the art direction.
The core idea was to demonstrate to pupils the way in which the same dataset can be represented in different ways.
The code was developed so that Tally Charts, Pictograms, Block, Bar, Line and Pie Charts could all be demonstrated from the same code base, then at the end we split them into the most pupil friendly combinations.

Bar & Block Graphs

If you wish to view a working versions of these tools I am happy to demonstrate

Line & Time Graphs

Bar Graphs & Pie Charts

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