Noo Noo

yeouchhh aaagghh, fiddlesticks, dratt and double dratt, nay quadruple darnation!
blumming ‘eck dropped the hoover on my toe, enough to make it bleed,
i consider it a facebook related injury, as somewhat uncharitably, at the time i was thinking what twaddle and tripe people post on facebook (thats you ‘orrible lot!)
its always important to know precisely who to blame.. the teletubbies… ha. that’ll teach me …soothe oh mind of ego, spirit of judgement, enegy of anger
on a slightly more upbeat note drinking yerba mate tea. wow got quite a zing! a turbo power lunchtime walk… will have to get one of those gourd things gosh. look einstein with one! e=mc2 and other inspired gobbledygook

twaddle and tripe on here… hmmm i may be responsible for a bit of that myself


just the smoothie (here posed for pseudo artistic purposes!) i have no intention to quaff the Rose petal deodrant… nor nibble on buddhas noggin for that matter

its banana pear spinach lettuce and kiwi fruit! oh and pumpkin seeds, tastes remarkably good (i have no specific taste).. thinking calling it sludge? or primordial ooze? ingredients selected purely on the basis of thats what was under my nose… 2013 off to a flying start!


apple tree wassailing, this saturday (5th jan) 6pm stanmer park, at the orchard, kinda beyond the church, mummers and permaculture etc reinvented thing… was fun last year, stumbling about in the dark bashing pots and pans, a cacophany to wake the tree spirits, climbing an apple tree beneath the full moon (almost no moon this year tho!), bonfire, cider libations….

Old Apple tree, old apple tree;
We’ve come to wassail thee;
To bear and to bow apples enow;
Hats full, caps full, three bushel bags full;
Barn floors full and a little heap under the stairs

pic off internet by paul bommer, oh and apparently the middle farm ceilidh wassail isn’t on this year! shame


kids ‘busy’ on computers… but i like making a mess with tinsel sparkle stuff!

finally roused my daughter for a game of penny up the stairs, a fine gambling game, managed to claw back some of her christmas money, but be warned, youngsters get darn good at it disturbingly quickly.. son off to a party now, but did play bop it… spin it, twist it, twist it… BOP IT!!!… must remember to breathe when i funky dance and play… phew
aw forgot to wish everyone on facebook a happy new year, so i’ll do it here, he he, in a quickly swept away comment, bless you all my fellow galloots and vagabonds, thanks for the humour, wisdom and above all patience… wish you all (and myself) happiness, the gift of gentleness, kindness, that it flows gorgeously and that we feel, sometimes at least, the radiant beauty of our amazing world!!! happy new year xxx

King of Cups

the king of cups, seaweed straggled grey beard, seated on a barnacle encrusted throne …of mother of pearl and crab shell (nacreous,opalescent!) a stern figure, the depths of sea grey eyes, yet with warmth, humour midst the wrinkles… was thinking about him on my jog, you gotta think about something! (maybe not!) and hard not to be aware of the brooding power of the sea up on the cliff tops
came back and my tarot book says ‘Responsibility before Self Expression’… ha! seldom the message we want to hear, i guess he is the most compromised of the kings, the tethering of dreams, creative potential, of imagination, of poetry, of love.. to the mundane world of temporal authority… king canute, depending on how you feel, is either a fool who believed he could turn back the waves, else a teacher of subtle wisdom… but beneath, beyond it all, the beautiful, wild, furious surge of the waves

pic, tho not much how i see him, is from lisa hunt – animals divine tarot,’Responsibility before Self Expression’, time to get on with preparing veggie lasagne

Richard and yeats.. always yeats…

Who will go drive with Fergus now,
And pierce the deep wood’s woven shade,
And dance upon the level shore?
Young man, lift up your russet brow,
And lift your tender eyelids, maid,
And brood on hopes and fear no more.

And no more turn aside and brood
Upon love’s bitter mystery;
For Fergus rules the brazen cars,
And rules the shadows of the wood,
And the white breast of the dim sea
And all dishevelled wandering stars.
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Mole that’s you after you take off your orange xmas jersey?

Richard but mz mole i never take off my christmas jumper x …nah yer right, rumbled, still brushing the barnacles out o’ me beard… i’ve been mistooken for a manatee … more than once! xx

Where does the magic go

where does the magic go? – jimmy bozeman and the lazy pigs
we had some good times didn’t we? we had some laughs
seems it’s all behind us, somewhere in the past
where does the magic go, where does the magic go, where does the magic go?

every moment is forever, every place has its time
and when i think about this, i can only keep trying
where does the magic go, where does the magic go, where does the magic go?

these are the best of times for what its worth
the feelings that we shared can’t put into words
where does the magic go, where does the magic go, where does the magic go?

14 December 2012 21:57
Photo Montage many pictures from Zlata Lodi, songs by Lazy Pigs, we wrote and recorded these while living at Zlata Lodi

aaaw not the same without the vid which i can’t seem to get off facebook

Richard Basgallop the words of the song kinda say it all, the lazy pigs lived downstairs in the squat (u zlati lodi) in prague and played on the bridge most days, listening to it and starting to look through the many many old pics on the squat page, amazing old memories! some of them made me cry, 20 years. x thanks helena xxx


aww happy christmas everyone, lovely to come on here and see all the seasonal greetings and foolish festive snaps
not always the easiest time of year for everyone, i struggle a bit with not being a traditional nuclear family unit (moon unit?! zappa)
so blooming well done to one and all of you!!! (its a bit like musical statues where will we be when the music stops this year)
but hey pass the stilton and port, nosedive into the brandy butter! a lot to like in the days of abundance and sloth.
right best see if i can goad the kids into a walk, doesn’t seem very likely, then iPlayer slobbery. Merlin? Dr Who?
happy boxing day! pressies galore vibes! x